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EO Charging Launches Energy Management Solution

EO’s new solution will optimise energy usage and cost inside fleet depots 

31 January 2024 - EO Charging (EO), a specialist in full fleet electrification solutions for depot-based fleets, today announced the launch of EO Hub, an energy management system (EMS) which automates load management for all AC and DC charging stations inside a single depot. EO Hub optimises grid connections, protects against outages through Active Load Management (ALM) and can help fleet operators reduce charging costs. Already installed by Go-Ahead and bpost, EO Hub, helps electric fleets manage their energy usage and spend.   

EO Hub is the latest software innovation from EO Charging. It is an OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol) load-controlling device that allows sites with restricted power access to distribute the power efficiently and in real time, to all active charging stations. EO Hub can integrate with an onsite meter or building management system (BMS) to calculate the available power on-site and automatically distribute power to priority vehicles, ensuring that fleets are optimally charged and ready to go when required. EO Hub supports the management of energy consumption, enabling fleets to maximise the use of off-peak energy tariffs. 

EO Hub automatically addresses and flags connection interruptions to the Cloud ensuring >99% uptime of fleets. EO Hub enables the management of any AC and DC charger, that uses the OCPP protocol, regardless of brand or model. 

“bpost has set itself the ambitious target to reach a Net Zero emission fleet by 2030. The transition to electric vans is a critical element to achieving this ambitious goal. EO Hub will align energy sources on site with the energy requirements of our electric vehicles and will give us greater visibility and control over our energy consumption. This will help us reduce our fleet total cost of ownership (TCO) and manage our energy spend in the long term,” said Els Renders, Program Manager Electrification at bpost. 

Key features of the EO Hub:  

  • Calculates the real time availability of power at a site and intelligently distributes to vehicles actively charging  

  • Uses Active Load Management (ALM) to protect the site from outages and can mitigate the need for grid connection upgrades 

  • Works without internet connectivity (‘offline mode’), helping deliver EO’s promise of >99% uptime 

  • Reduces EV (Electric Vehicle) fleet total cost of ownership (TCO) by avoiding demand-charges and smoothing out the consumption throughout the charging period  

  • Uploads power and performance data up to the EO Cloud CMS (charge management system), enabling access to live power and performance information  

  • Provides the ability to integrate with on-site building management system (BMS) and renewables (solar, battery) through a variety of interfaces (serial, Ethernet, cloud)  

  • Compatible with all OCCP AC & DC chargers  

  • Works with all AC and DC charging stations inside a single depot  

As EV fleets mature, we have seen the challenges they are faced with when it comes to energy and load management requirements. This is why we have developed EO Hub, which is an onsite energy management system and supports fleet managers by automating energy distribution across the site. The first installation of EO Hub was at Go-Ahed Croydon with the aim to aid with restricted power on site, EO Hub provides effective load management distributing available energy across the fleet ensuring priority vehicles are charged and that site power capacity isn’t exceeded. EO Hub has enabled Go-Ahead Croydon to nearly double the number of electric buses operating on site by implementing effective load management. EO Hub is an intelligent solution that not only helps current electric fleet operators, but also those looking to transition their fleets to electric by mitigating the need to upgrade the grid connection, whilst reducing ongoing energy costs through smart charging.

Charlie Jardine, CEO of EO Charging

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About EO

EO Charging (EO) is a specialist in full fleet electrification solutions for car, van, bus, and truck fleets. EO is on a mission to power a greener future and accelerate the global transition to electric fleets - making net zero transport a reality.    

EO takes the complexity out of fleet electrification with its full turnkey solution supporting fleets throughout the entire fleet electrification journey. EO designs market leading smart charging software and hardware for fleets. EO's EV infrastructure solutions for commercial fleets, offers depot design, electrical installation, grid upgrades, and ongoing operations and maintenance for car, van, truck, and bus fleets.  
EO’s technology is already used by many of the world’s largest and complex fleet operators including Amazon, DHL, UPS, Tesco, Ocado, and distributes its hardware in major global markets.  The combination of its hardware and software solutions and ongoing maintenance and support services ensures business critical fleets are always up and running – EO has unrivalled uptime in the market of >99% across its customer base. 

EO has deployed more than 85,000 charging stations across 35 countries globally and will continue to innovate its solutions to make the transition to EVs simple, reliable, and accessible to fleets globally.  

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