EO Cloud

The World's Most Advanced Fleet Charging Management System

100% standards-based, EO Cloud integrates with most globally available commercial grade infrastructure creating a software-defined charge platform you can depend on, delivering: + Greater control of fleet charging + Charge assurance delivering unrivaled uptime + Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

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EO Cloud Features


The one-stop shop for all your EV depot management needs. Control your charging infrastructure remotely via the dashboard from various devices, both globally and locally, while accessing real-time charging station network performance data. Leverage automatic hardware fault detection as well as enhanced troubleshooting, all in one spot.


Built-in reporting provides insights into network performance. Optimize energy usage and reduce total cost of ownership, all with seamless operational system integration. EO Cloud reports contain charging session data, historic energy consumption, charger status, network uptime and more.


Manual and automatic scheduling enable intelligent charging programs that meet your fleet needs, ensuring control over your costs while operating a fully charged fleet.

Automatic Fault Detection

Automatically detects charging station hardware faults and connectivity issues helping to streamline support team responses. The system alerts the EO support team to address issues promptly and minimize on-site downtime.

Account Management

Advanced role-based access settings available via the Account Management page, enabling admin users to assign access to specific profiles. Control information effectively, assign user profiles, add new users and deactivate existing ones.

Fleet Knowledge is Fleet Power

EO Cloud manage


Manage your local and global charging infrastructure remotely from multiple devices via an intuitive dashboard, unlocking operational savings.

EO Cloud monitor


Monitor the live status of your charging sessions, vehicles and energy usage, and access comprehensive diagnostics to detect any faults before drivers attempt to plug-in.

EO Cloud Optimise


Optimize your charging behavior, energy consumption per vehicle and total cost of ownership based on charging data and seamless integrations with your operational systems.

Charge Management that Drives your Fleet into the Future

Built with compatibility in mind, EO Cloud can be plugged into new or existing electric fleet depots running OCPP 1.6 and 2.0 compliant chargers.

EO Cloud Agnostic illustration

EO Cloud’s architecture seamlessly integrates with different telematics providers on the market, or other proprietary Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

EO Cloud Modular illustration

Designed to meet the size and budget of any fleet electrification program. EO Cloud scales alongside your business as it grows and evolves with charging innovations.

EO Cloud Scalable illustration

Tested, integrated and developed as part of Europe's largest electrification program covering nearly 6,000 charging stations across 120 sites across nine countries.

EO Cloud Secure illustration

EO Hub background image

Concerned about Energy Management?

Pair EO Hub with EO Cloud to rest assured that your power will be balanced to changing your needs.

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A Deep Dive into Energy Management

Energy management is mission-critical to enabling fleet electrification. With power capacity limitations across many fleet sites and depots, utilizing and distributing available power intelligently is critical to enabling the transition to EV.

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