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Our Mission

Net Zero Transportation

To Accelerate Net Zero Transportation with the Transition to EVs.

EO is on a mission to accelerate carbon-free transportation with the transition to electric fleets, promising to make charging simple, reliable, and accessible to fleets globally.

EO is a pioneer in EV charging and has been at the forefront of electrifying fleets for a decade. Through its full technology and service stack, available as a service, EO offers commercial-grade charge assurance and has unrivalled uptime in the market of >99% across its customer base.

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Our Impact

2023 was recorded as one of the hottest years globally. ​

As climate change continues to accelerate, the devastating impacts have become a reality; we need to act now to reduce our carbon emissions. ​Transport accounts for roughly a quarter of all emissions globally... and this is growing. ​There are 1.6 billion vehicles on the road, and 16% of these road vehicles are commercial, creating 40% of road emissions*. ​This is why fleet electrification is vital to reducing carbon emissions globally. ​ We know that transitioning to an electric is complex and costly, so we are evolving our offerings to an "as-a-service" model, making fleet electrification accessible to fleets with no upfront cost. ​Our purpose is to accelerate the adoption of EV fleets, making carbon-free transport dream become a reality. *BloombergNEF Long-Term Electric Vehicle Outlook 2022

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We started in the UK and are now deploying EV infrastructure across Europe, Asia Pacific and North America, and we’re only just getting started. EO's EV infrastructure solutions offer depot design, electrical installation, grid upgrades, and ongoing operations and maintenance for car, van, truck, and bus fleets. Many of the world's largest and most complex fleet operators, including Amazon, DHL, UPS, Tesco, and Ocado, already use EO's technology.

Our Story

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