Does the EO Mini require an earth rod?

For any questions regarding the installation of your charger, please speak directly with your installer or EO sales person.

How can I reboot my EO Mini?

1. Located the isolator switch or dedication breaker. If you are unsure where this is located please contact your installer.

2. Move to the ‘Off’ position and leave for 1-2 minutes.

3. Switch back on and leave for 5-10 minutes to allow the unit to fully boot up.

I have successfully connected my car to the EO Mini but the LED is still flashing blue, what does it mean?

1. If the LED is staying blue then it is not recognising that a cable has been inserted into the charger.

2. Check that the cable is plugged in fully at both charger and vehicle end (if a tethered unit just the vehicle end).

3. If the cable is fully seated, check the colour of the LED light on the charger.

4. If it is still blue then disconnect the cable from both ends and plug back in. Insert the cable into the vehicle first and then the charger.

5. If the LED is still blue, try another charging cable.

The RCD keeps tripping, what should I do?

1. Any issues with your charger tripping will need to be investigated by your installer.

2. Once your installer is on-site, they can contact EO Charging Technical Support with their finding and we can help troubleshoot anything to do with the charger.

The LED on my EO Mini is flashing red, what does it mean?

1. If you have a red LED showing on your charger, please check to see if it is a solid red LED or flashing.

2. If it’s flashing then please count how many times it’s flashing, this is indicated by a larger pause letting you know when the sequence is starting.

3. Please contact your installer with this information and inform them of the information. They can liaise with EO Charging Technical Support to establish the cause.