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Smart Fleet Consultation

Smart fleet consultation

A key component of any fleet-electrification process is understanding the available electrical supply at various sites and subsequently what capacity is available for the charging infrastructure required to charge the fleet of electric vehicles. To help with this, EO developed consultation services to guide our clients through this often complex process.

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Development & Construction

At EO, we prioritise your project's development. Our goal is to maximise its lifespan and future-proof capabilities. We deeply understand your operations to seamlessly integrate EV solutions, ensuring they enhance rather than complicate your processes. You focus on your tasks, and we'll provide the charge assurance to ensure your vehicles are correctly charged. Our team immerses themselves in your depot or project, optimising our approach through detailed information gathering and visualisation.

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EO Cloud

EO Cloud, the Brain of the Depot, is the most advanced Fleet Charging Management System in the World. Feel free to book a demo without any obligations.

100% standards based, EO Cloud integrates with most globally available commercial grade infrastructure creating a software defined charge platform you can depend on, delivering: + Greater control + Greater reliability delivering uptime north of 99.5% + Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

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Charging Solutions

In addition to manufacturing our advanced 22kW AC Charger, EO Genius 2, we collaborate with top-tier EV Charging infrastructure manufacturers to deliver the essential tools empowering your fleet towards a more sustainable, greener and efficient future. Below is only a handful of our charging partners. We have provided integrated solutions with over 80+ charge point providers, and the list keeps on growing.

1EO Genius

Designed for return-to-depot and return-to-home fleets, workplaces and small commercial installs.

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Charging Solutions Partners
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EO collaborates with ABB, a global technology leader, to deliver state-of-the-art EV charging infrastructure.

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EO partners with Kempower, a top innovator specialising in EV charging solutions, to offer a wide range of advanced charging options.

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EO partners with Zerova, an expert & leader for EV charging solutions. Together, we offer a diverse portfolio of advanced charging solutions.

Expertise & R&D

EO has been at the forefront of the EV infrastructure revolution, we have over 10 years of experience and have conducted thorough tests to make sure they are the most reliable charging offerings for your needs.

Why do we do this? Simple, to bring new features to the market and help the wider industry create a great experience for our customers. We have more than 10 years of experience providing electrification solutions at scale for the world's largest fleets, each providing key learnings that we take forward into our next projects.

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24/7/365 Support

EO Charging offers extensive support tailored to your needs, providing 24/7/365 remote assistance and global support for 3rd Party OCPP compliant hardware. Our Technical Operations Centre actively monitors, responds to alerts, addresses critical issues, and delivers detailed incident reports around the clock. Additionally, we provide Operations and Maintenance services with 24/7/365 support, aligned with your selected Service Level Agreement (SLA) to ensure the continuous operational efficiency of your charging infrastructure, keeping your fleet on the road and instilling confidence in its performance.

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Concerned about Energy Management?

Concerns about the your changing energy needs, with EO Hub you can rest assured that your power will be balanced to your needs.

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A Deep Dive into Energy Management

Energy management is mission-critical to enabling fleet electrification. With power capacity limitations across many fleet sites and depots, utilising and distributing available power intelligently is critical to enabling the transition to EV.

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