24/7/365 Support

What is Included in Our 24/7/365 Support Package

Our 24/7/365 Support Packaged is split 2 ways between the Technical Operations Centre (TOC) and Operations & Maintenance (O&M). TOC is a highly skilled 24/7/365 team that remotely utilises software enabled service platforms to help you and your fleets. O&M provides customers with 24/7/365 on-site support as outlined in the selected Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Tailored Site inspections and planned maintenance

Spare parts and replacement schedule in line with manufacturer recommendations

24/7/365 Reactive Maintenance (breakdowns, damages, wear, etc.)

24/7/365 Monitoring and Customer Support via Technical Operations Centre (TOC)

Proactive maintenance – unlimited call outs

Access to the parts network in the UK

Up to a 6-hour on-site SLA with full rectification within 24 hours

Account Management and Reporting

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Technical Operations Centre (TOC)


Proactively monitor and fix faults on all connected devices including chargers, routers & energy management systems


Respond to alerts received via email, SMS, & phone


Manage incidents from alert to resolution, updating the client throughout


Escalate priority issues to EO trained and certified technicians


Escalate time critical issues to Senior Leadership Team (SLT)


Deliver all reporting issues, notifications, incidents, and more

What can TOC Customers Benefit from?

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24/7/365 Remote Support
EO Charging - What to Expect

What can you expect?

O&M ensures a service level that keeps our customers' charging infrastructure operational, ensuring their vehicles stay on the road and instilling confidence in the continued performance of their fleet. Additionally, it provides assurance to our eBus customers that they won't face penalties for unserved routes.

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What can O&M Customers Benefit from?


Transparent Maintenance Packages

Our ongoing support, servicing and maintenance services O&M to emphasis our commitment to our customers. This alleviates concerns related to managing and maintaining your charging infrastructure, ensuring a service level that aligns with the needs of your EV fleet.


Minimised Downtime, Maximised Uptime

O&M provides a service level that ensures your charging infrastructure remains operational, keeping your vehicles on the road. Our dedicated team of experts offers 24/7 support and maintenance to address any needs.


Choice & Flexibility

O&M offers a bolt-on approach to service packages that can be customised to meet the specific needs of our customers, encompassing both AC and DC charging infrastructure.


Added Assurance

Your team will additionally benefit from the support of a dedicated O&M Service Manager, ensuring the maintenance of both the customer relationship and the charging infrastructure.

EO Charging - Reporting


This facilitates the generation of comprehensive reports covering on-site interventions, service disruptions, fault events, commissioning, and high-level infrastructure metrics. These reports ensure alignment with your preferences, and the data can be presented either in pure numerical form or accompanied by a detailed anecdotal report, as per your request. Clear data sets and reporting schedules are established in collaboration with you.

What is Included in your Reporting?

A report detailing reactive repairs or callouts per site is generated, outlining the following actions taken:

Station location and address

Date of completion

Service date

Station status

Energy consumption reporting


Feedback on charger usage

Date of schedule repair

Commissioning and service activity reports per site

Recommendations on optimising your operation to reduce faults, charge efficiently, or optimise spending

Example TOC Intervention Metrics

>99% Uptime


Number of chargers


Charger sites


Fault events


Remote interventions


On-site interventions

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