Can I lock the EO Mini Smart Home manually from the 'EO Smart Home' app?

1. Yes, on the home screen of the app there is a padlock in the bottom right-hand corner.

2. If the padlock is closed then the charger is locked and if it’s open then the charger is free to use.

How do I set the state of charge with the 'EO Smart Home' app?

1. When you plug your vehicle into the charger, open the app and you will be presented with a slide bar.

2. Slide the bar to the point that relates to what state of charge your battery is currently at.

3. This will allow the data gathered to be as accurate as possible.

How can I download the 'EO Smart Home' app?

1. The app can be downloaded through your device's app store.

2. It has a blue background with a white EO.

What is the app's main feature?

The main features of the app are the ability to set scheduled charges, remotely disable and enable the charger, download the charging history.