Is the EO Basic eligible for the OLEV Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) Grant?

No, due to having no smart capabilities it is not eligible for the grant.

Is it possible to use RFID with an EO Basic?

No, the EO Basic is a plug and play charger with no smart capabilities.

Does the EO Basic require a backplate?

1. Yes, this is included with the product.

2. If you have any questions regarding this, please speak to your installer or EO sales person.

What power rating is the EO Basic suitable for?

1. The EO Basic can be purchased in a number of power levels, 7.2kW (single-phase), 11kW (three-phase) and 22kW (three-phase).

2. What can be installed will depend on the power available on site.

3. Any further questions please speak with your installer or EO sales person.

Can I lock the EO Basic when not charging?

1. If your charger has been ordered with the key lock system then yes.

2. If it hasn’t then the only way to stop the charger being used would be to isolate the power.

Manual Cable Release Guide:

If you find yourself with your charger cable stuck inside an EO Genius 1 charger unit, please follow the instructions below to manually release the cable.

1. As you are facing the charger, to the right hand side, there will be a rubber bung which can be unscrewed.


2. Inside this, there is a metal rod which can also be unscrewed and gently pulled out.


3. This will have a flexible wire attached, whilst gently pulling this, pull the cable out of the unit and it will manually release.

Please then put the metal rod back into the unit, with the rubber bung reattached.