How do I claim the OZEV grant for Workplace Charging?

It all begins by filling this online form. If your application is confirmed, you’ll receive a unique voucher code within 5 working days that you can present to an OZEV approved installer. The installation must be completed and the grant claimed within 120 days so don’t hang around, otherwise you’ll need to re-apply.

If you're having trouble filling it out then get in touch and the EO team will guide you through the process.

How long is the cable on a tethered unit?

All our tethered chargers come with a 5m long cable as standard as it's a good compromise between ease of use and ease of storage. That said, 7.5m and 10m cable lengths are available for the tethered EO Genius and EO Genius 2 which can be ordered directly through to our team when booking your installation.

My charger is flashing red, what does this mean?

1. If you have a red LED showing on your charger, please check to see if it is a solid red LED or flashing.

2. If it’s flashing then please count how many times it’s flashing, this is indicated by a larger pause letting you know when the sequence is starting.

3. If the Genius charger is flashing blue with one red flash every 45-90 seconds then this indicates the charger having no communication with the Hub.

4. Please contact your installer with this information and inform them of the information. They can liaise with EO Charging Technical Support to establish the cause.

Are any of your chargers RFID compatible?

Yes, our EO Genius chargers can be RFID enabled. This requirement will need to be specified at point of order.