What's the main difference between the EO Hub Pro and the EO Hub?

1. The main difference is the Pro Hub’s ability to bill users per kWh used instead of time plugged in.

2. The Pro Hub requires more equipment to be installed to utilise the features.

3. Any further questions, please contact your installer or EO salesperson. 

Does the EO Hub Pro provide Active Load Management (ALM)?

1. Yes, if CT clamps have been installed.

2. Please speak with your installer or EO salesperson for further information.

How many MID meters are required to enable active energy billing?

The system requires one MID meter per charger.

What are the different billing options?

1. For the Pro Hub, you are able to bill users for the kWh used as well as the ability to charge for time plugged in.

2. The owner of the site is able to decide which method of billing they wish to utilise.

How are the billing methods configured and set up?

1. The billing methods are configured through the EO portal.

2. The admin of the site is able to amend this as and when the require and the update is immediate.