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Product Overview

Connect an EO Genius charger to the EO Hub and unlock smart-charging technology. Our industry-leading solution allows you to connect up to 30 EO Genius chargers – making it modular, scalable and future-proof.

  • Charge scheduling: optimise available usage of electric fleet vehicles

  • Telematics integration: identify vehicle’s state of charger and journey mapping

  • Reporting: manage and monitor your energy profile

  • Cloud-connected: charging insights via the EO Cloud, our online portal

  • Revenue generation - monetise your charge points and charger drivers to plug-in

Example serial number: EH-12345

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How many EO charge points can be handled by a single EO Hub?

One EO Hub can control up to 30 chargers at once.

What kind of connection is used between the EO Hub and the EO Cloud?

1. The EO Hub needs to be connected to an internet connection via a LAN cable

2. When installing an EO Hub, certain ports need to be allowed access and this can be set up by your IT Department. Your installer will have the information they require

Why do I need to install CT clamps?

1. CT clamps are required if the site requires load management.

2. Please speak directly with your installer if you require more information about your site specifically.

What is Automatic Load Management?

1. Automatic load management allows the chargers to amend the charge rate depending on the current available at the time.

2. This is used to protect the sites overall supply and existing installations.

Where can I find more information about the EO Hub?

More information about the EO Hub can be found here or b speaking directly with a member of our sales team.

Can I use a separate internet connection to the one set up on-site?

Yes, this can either be arranged through your liaison at EO or the installer.

My charger is flashing red, what does this mean?

1. If you have a red LED showing on your charger, please check to see if it is a solid red LED or flashing.

2. If it’s flashing then please count how many times it’s flashing, this is indicated by a larger pause letting you know when the sequence is starting.

3. If the Genius charger is flashing blue with one red flash every 45-90 seconds then this indicates the charger having no communication with the Hub.

4. Please contact your installer with this information and inform them of the information. They can liaise with EO Charging Technical Support to establish the cause.

Can I restrict user access to the EO Genius chargers?

Yes, the admin of the site can set the system to ‘Private Drivers’ meaning that only drivers assigned on the system can authorise the charging session.

How can I download the 'EO App'?

1. The EO App can be downloaded from your devices app store for free

  1. To download the EO Smart Home app, please use the following links:

What is the app's main feature?

It’s used to authenticate a charging session for workplace or public chargers.

How can I locate an EO public chargepoint?

1. There is a map feature in the EO App with all of the public sites available

Do I need to enter my credit card details to use the app?

1. If you wish to use any public or workplace chargers that require a payment to use.

2. If no card details are entered then the charging session will not be authenticated and therefore no charge will be delivered to the vehicle.

What is the EO Cloud?

The EO Cloud is the back office platform where a public or workplace charging systems can be monitored and controlled.

What is the EO Cloud used for?

1. The EO Cloud can be used to amend the settings for a site.

2. Set up if it is a public or private charging site.

3. If it’s a private site, it can also be used to amend the drivers details of who can use the site.

4. You are also able to view and download the charging history and see who plugged into which charger, how much charge was transferred and how long they were plugged in for.

5. If will also inform the owner/admin if there is an issue with the site.