EO Hub

Compatible with EO Genius & OCPP Chargers
EO Hub

Product Overview

Connect via the EO Cloud; EO Hub is a Software enabled energy management tool that offers unrivaled flexibility, control and site supply resilience. EO Hub calculates the available power on-site and then distributes it to the connected chargers keeping you in control of your power usage. 

Energy Management – Designed to manage your electricity supply, meaning you’ll never be short of power. 

Designed for scale – Built for growing fleets with the ability to connect to your growing number of chargers, EO Hub gives you the control needed to charge at scale.

Power Balancing – Integrated with your energy supply, EO Hub gives you the holistic view required to balance your power needs 24/7/365.

Renewable Compatibility (coming soon) – Ability to integrate with on-site renewables (solar, battery) through a variety of interfaces.

Does EO Hub include the required smart meter, and if not, what type of smart meter is compatible, and can EO provide it?

No, the smart meter is a separate device and is optional. If there is a Smart Meter on site our team can do an investigation and determine if it's supported by EO Hub. Any RS485 Modbus Smart Power Meter is supported by EO Hub, and our team of engineers is able to install it on-site, alongside the Hub's setup.

Can I use EO Hub to prioritise load to my vehicles that need it most (for example, those with the lowest state of charge)?

EO Hub efficiently allocates maximum power to active charging stations, redistributing excess power among the active charging stations if some don't require the maximum.

How will EO Hub's load management impact any schedules I've set for my chargers?

EO Hub adheres to scheduled charging station times, managing power load only during specified periods, such as 23:00 - 07:00.