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Image of EO cloud software allowing for Electric Charging Management for Fleets

Software Overview

Meet our charge point management system that puts your business in charge. Suitable for Fleets, Workplaces, Car Parks & Destinations, the EO Cloud gives business owners full control of their charging infrastructure and electric vehicle fleet.

  • Easy management

  • Site load management

  • Monitor live charging activity

  • Multi-level user access

  • Geotagging

  • Reporting

  • Remote diagnostics

  • Link home & work charging

What is the EO Cloud?

The EO Cloud is the back office platform where a public or workplace charging systems can be monitored and controlled.

What is the EO Cloud used for?

1. The EO Cloud can be used to amend the settings for a site.

2. Set up if it is a public or private charging site.

3. If it’s a private site, it can also be used to amend the drivers details of who can use the site.

4. You are also able to view and download the charging history and see who plugged into which charger, how much charge was transferred and how long they were plugged in for.

5. If will also inform the owner/admin if there is an issue with the site.

Where can I find more information about the EO Cloud?

For more information on our EO Cloud visit our website or speak to our dedicated sales team and arrange a demo.

Can I access the charging data of my EO Mini Pro/EO Mini Smart Home on the EO Cloud?

No, the EO Mini Pro 2 utilised a separate system and all of the required data can be obtained through the EO Smart Home app.

What can I configure in the EO Cloud?

1. As the Admin of a site you are able to configure the requirements to use the site. Amend if it is a public or private site and set up who can use it.

2. As an installer, you are able to fully configure the site details. Set up any load management that is required and monitor the site remotely to maintain a high level of customer care.