News28th November 2022

EO Charging Adopts Jumptech Platform to Support Sales and Installations of New Generation Home and Commercial Chargers

EO Charging has adopted Jumptech’s charge point installation platform to support increasing sales following the launch of its new generation of electric vehicle (EV) chargers – the EO Genius 2 and the EO Mini Pro 3.

Jumptech’s widely adopted software platform will enable EO to simplify the installation process for both its home and commercial SME customers with a fully-managed end-to-end service. They will benefit from an enhanced installation experience, where they can easily supply information on their property and desired install, and an improved flow of communications on the status of their order.

The service will also be available to EO’s automotive partners, allowing them to build a bespoke installation journey tailored to their customers.


As EV adoption grows, it’s vital we do what we can to improve and simplify the customer journey. Jumptech’s platform allows us to deliver a seamless end-to-end experience to the wide range of businesses and EV drivers adopting our new generation of products – as well giving our installers and distribution partners the tools to provide a high-quality service.

Tom Pollard, Head of EO’s Distribution Sales Division

For EO’s network of approved installation and distribution partners, the platform will automatically notify them when they are assigned jobs and guide them through the required process, unlocking live updates, performance statistics and job completion data. 

The platform will be available to EO’s customers and partners in the UK, Australia and New Zealand, with plans to expand that into Europe as demand for EO’s products continues to grow.

We’re delighted to be supporting EO as they deliver solutions for some of the world's largest EV fleets and automotive partners who will benefit from their exciting new charge points.

Phill Nunn, CEO & Founder of Jumptech

About EO

EO Charging (EO) is a leading technology solutions provider in the EV sector. EO designs and manufactures smart charging solutions for homes and commercial fleets at its headquarters in the UK, including charging stations and cloud-based management software.

EO also provides electrical installation services, grid upgrades and ongoing operations and maintenance for its fleet customer base.

Founded in 2014, EO’s technology is already used by a number of the world’s largest businesses and fleet operators and it now distributes to over 35 countries around the world. It aims to become the global leader in charging electric van, truck, bus and car fleets.

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