News| Car21st May 2019

EO and CALA Homes Put Residents in Charge

CALA Homes is “plugging in” to the surging demand for electric vehicles by creating the most inclusive charging provision of any development built to date in Scotland.

All 84 apartments at The Crescent at Donaldson’s will have access to an EO Genius charging unit, fully connected to the mains, with a dummy unit in place until the home owner is ready to make the switch to electric. This is the first time an apartment development of this scale in Scotland has featured a comprehensive EV infrastructure.


It is highly likely that the vast majority of our owners and future owners at The Crescent will be requiring EV charging within the next few years – so we’re delighted to be able to offer them such comprehensive provision.

It also greatly reduces the barriers to entry that prevent many people taking up ownership of these much more environmentally-friendly cars.

Philip Hogg, Sales and Marketing Director for CALA Homes (East)

Completed by our partner Jorro, one of Scotland’s leading EV charge point installers, The Crescent development is a showcase of our homebuilder and developer charging solution. Instead of installing a full-price charger, we support developers by installing a fully wired backplate with dummy casing. Once the home owner has made the switch to an EV, they simply contact EO Charging, select the charger and the unit is setup with an easy install.

It is brilliant for a developer to have the foresight to include this level of EV provision in its plans. While many buyers may not yet have EVs or plug-in hybrids, it is inevitable that a majority will do in the not-too-distant future, as range increases and costs fall.

The great thing about The Crescent is that the chargers are there, in place and ready to go. All buyers need to do is add the relevant plug unit, due to different car brands choosing varying solutions. Any costs therefore will be negligible.

David Pickles, Managing Director, Jorro

The installed EO Genius chargers are compatible with all electric vehicles, as demonstrated when Tesla drove two of its top selling models into the grounds last month to test the facilities. Using the chargers is simple: plug-in, download the EO app and scan the charger to begin the charging session.