This is EO Cloud 2

Welcome to the future of electric fleet management.

Plug EO Cloud 2 into your business - industry-leading charging station management software that sits at the heart of our fleet charging ecosystem. Giving you full control of your electric vehicles.

Flex with your zero emission fleet.

Dedicated charging station management system allowing businesses of all sizes and shapes to deploy their charging infrastructure at scale and at pace. EO Cloud 2 can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your business, drivers, and vehicles.

Fleet knowledge is fleet power.

Simple subscription fee with no minimum term. No need to work harder when you can work smarter.


Manage your charging infrastructure remotely from multiple devices via a data-rich dashboard at both a global and local level to unlock operational savings.


Monitor the live status of your charging sessions, vehicles and energy usage, and access comprehensive diagnostics to detect any faults on site before drivers attempt to plug-in.


Optimise your charging behaviour, energy consumption per vehicle, and total cost of ownership according to charging sessions data and seamless integrations with your operational systems.

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Supercharged software.

Make switching to electric a business advantage by getting more from your charging stations. Without the guesswork.

Meet the perfect plug-in partner

Taking fleet management to the next level.

Designed to meet the size and budget of any fleet electrification programme, and scale alongside your business as it not only grows but also evolves with charging innovations.

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The EO Cloud’s architecture allows for an easy way to integrate with different telematics providers on the market, or other proprietary Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

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Tested, integrated and developed as part of Europe's largest electrification program covering 5,700+ charging stations across 120 sites across nine countries.

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Our global partners

We're already powering the world's largest businesses and fleet operators.

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EO Cloud 2 features

Access a tailored interface and switch between global and local views to gain insight into each charging station and energy usage. Control your network remotely and check the resolution status of on-site incidents.

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Generate a comprehensive report of all charging sessions at the click of a button. Export and analyse the data to identify usage patterns and make informed decisions to optimise your charging network.

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Create and manage custom schedules on-site, to prevent vehicles from charging during periods of high electricity costs. Export data-rich reports to optimise your schedule profile.

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Live track the state of charge and live location of your vehicles by fully integrating the EO Cloud 2 with your telematics platform to increase the productivity of your fleet and deliver your net zero goals.

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Manage your network of AC and DC OCCP 1.6-compliant chargers in one place. Not restricted to any manufacturer, allowing you to mix and match the type of charging stations that best suit your fleet.

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Link employees' charging stations at home to the ones at the depot to expense charging sessions or set up monthly billing with a registered payment card. Your fleet charging activity, centralised in one place.

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eBus & eTrucks

Configure new depots and install DC chargers at the click of a button.

An “airport departure board” solution for e-bus depots. The user interface will automatically cycle through charger and fleet data points, allowing customers to easily consume data and react to any issues.

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