EO sets apartment charging record in Australia

A new residential apartment development in Australia is paving the way for electric vehicles. Currently the country’s largest single site installation of residential chargers, Infinity Cove residents are now ready for the EV revolution – powered by EO Charging.

The Infinity Cove apartment complex at Lane Cove, developed by Globuild, offers residents the opportunity to upgrade their parking space to include an EO EV charger when ready to go electric. Currently 40 out of the 93 apartment owners have chosen to install an EO Genius charging unit. This is the first time an apartment development in Australia has included such a comprehensive EV charging infrastructure for current and future EV drivers.


Completed by our partner EVSE, Australia’s leading supplier and installer of electric vehicle chargers, the Infinity Cove development is a showcase of our apartment charging solution. Whether they’re currently driving an electric vehicle or not, residents at Lane Cove are prepared for the electric future..

Installed across three basement levels, the EO Genius charging network is compatible with all electric vehicles and is linked directly to the apartment owners’ electricity meter, enabling direct billing for the energy consumed. Apartment owners get access to EO’s industry-leading smart-charging functionality and can start, stop and schedule charging – all from their smartphone.


Sam Korkees, Co-founder of EVSE, said: “This project marks a record for Australia with the largest single site installation of charging infrastructure to date. With the EO Genius, we have the world’s best Apartment EV charging solution, solving many of the complex challenges that competitors cannot solve.

“It also highlights that the Australian public is aware of the need for EV infrastructure, even if EV uptake remains stubbornly low given a lack of government support.”

The Lane Cove development confirms findings from Wattblock’s research published in September 2018 showing that 78% of apartment owners would like EV chargers at their homes. This project removes a major barrier for Australians thinking about going electric, providing them with access to simple and reliable electric vehicle charging.