What's covered under my warranty?

All EO products must be installed by an EO approved/trained installer. This includes Domestic, Commercial and Fleet chargers.

What does this mean? 

The installer, engineer, electrician must have completed the relevant product training on the EO product they are installing. 

They need to have made contact with EO to confirm they are electrically competent and insured to complete the relevant install work. 

If an EO product has been installed by a 'Non Approved Installer' this means that it will not be covered under warranty and could possibly have an unsafe/non-compliant installation. 

If a fault is found with the EO unit and this has been installed by a 'Non Approved Installer' and you are unable to contact the original installer please contact EO Technical Support, they will be able to determine if this is an installation fault or a potential fault with the unit itself. Any visits, repairs or replacement equipment that is required could then be chargeable to you as the customer. 

To register your unit for extended warranty please contact our sales team.

Installing an EO Product

If you have purchased an EO Product from EO directly or through one of our Wholesale providers please ensure you have completed the relevant EO product training.

All training documentation and modules can be found on the EO Academy - https://eouk-eocharging.talentlms.com/index

We have an international branch of the EO Academy where training will be available in other languages: https://intl-eocharging.talentlms.com/ 

To become an EO Approved Installer you will need to show our Onboarding Team that you are electrically competent, have insurance and are compliant with your country’s electrical regulations.

They can be contacted on 0333 772 0383 and listen to the options or alternatively you can email them Onboarding@eocharging.com 

I'm an installer, how do I return an EO Product

Returning an EO Product

If you have had an EO Product replaced you need to ensure this device comes back to EO for further investigation. Your installer should have taken the device away with them upon fitting the new equipment but if you still have the unit please follow the process below.

There is a returns label in the box from the new unit. This can be attached to the box and dropped off at your local DHL location. 

Please email Returns@eocharging.com with photos and information.

I'm missing items, how do I get a replacement?


For any replacement accessories:

  • Rubber bungs

  • Plastic screws

  • QR codes

Please email support@eocharging.com

How do I report a fault?

If you have experienced any issues on an EO Product that is for public use please email us with details, photos and the serial number for this unit/site to be investigated.

Serial numbers on the devices will look like:

  • EOP

  • EG

  • EO

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