Where can I buy the EO Mini Pro 3?

The EO Mini Pro 3 is now available for purchase - to get your hands on one, simply head to our website here.

How long is the cable on the EO Mini Pro 3?

Our tethered EO Mini Pro 3 charger comes with a 5m long cable as standard as it's a good compromise between ease of use and ease of storage.

Please note that longer cables are not available for the EO Mini Pro 3 as the small size of the unit has been specifically designed to carry the weight of a 5m cable.

For those needing a longer cable, EO recommends a universal socketed EO Mini Pro 3 combined with our EO Cable which comes in 5, 7.5 and 10-meter lengths.

Can I mount the EO Mini Pro 3 on a post?

Yes, the EO Mini Pro 3 is easily post mounted as well as being easy to wall mount.

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