News| Car20th January 2020

Octopus Electric Vehicles and EO Charging Give Drivers the Keys to a Greener Future

EO Charging and Octopus Electric Vehicles have joined forces to offer UK drivers an end-to-end home charging solution. Together, the two companies are supporting existing and future energy-conscious drivers to go green - switching to electric has never been easier.


The partnership will provide Octopus Electric Vehicle (OEV) customers with a comprehensive electric vehicle (EV) charging package that includes an EO Mini Smart Home integrated with Octopus’ smart energy tariff, ‘Octopus Go’ – all from as little as £545.00 installed (inc. VAT and OLEV grant).

Designed and manufactured in the UK, the EO Mini Smart Home is the smallest smart charger on the market – smaller than an A5 notepad. It’s Wifi-connected and can be controlled remotely using the ‘EO Smart Home’ mobile app (download here).

Compatible with all plug-in vehicles, the charger is rated up to 7.2kW – perfect for charging your vehicle overnight at home. The full package includes an EO Mini charger and an EO Home Hub, our smart home device that also allows your EV to be powered by solar energy.

The ‘Octopus Go’ tariff is integrated with the ‘EO Smart Home’ app and allows drivers to automatically benefit from cheaper electricity (5p/kWh) when the night rate kicks in - between 12:30 am-04:30 am. Running an EV has never been cheaper - Octopus’ smart tariff will allow customers to save up to £700.00 a year when comparing to charging on a non ‘EV Go’ tariff (figure based on an EV driver charging their EV 4 hours a night, 5 days a week all year on a 7.2 kW charger).

Octopus Electric Vehicles is delighted to partner with EO to be able to offer this incredibly sleek, stylish and smart charger to customers. We want to make electric vehicles the go-to option for anyone considering a new car. Charging at home lets customers fuel their car for as little as 1p/mile with low cost electricity at off-peak times.

The EO Mini Smart Home makes it super easy to access that. We are incredibly proud to partner with a business that has similar values to ours, one that breaks the mould and is constantly looking to innovate within the electric vehicle market to deliver affordable, convenient electric vehicle solutions.

Fiona Howarth, CEO at Octopus Electric Vehicles

Once your vehicle leasing package is confirmed with OEV, our booking system will remove the hassle of getting a charger installed at home and complete OLEV’s Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) application form on your behalf. To learn more about electric vehicle leasing options through Octopus Electric Vehicles and become eligible for this home charging offer then follow the link below.