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Case Study

Case Study| Car5th February 2020

EO Charging Powers Australia's First EV Tourism Drive

In November 2019, EO Charging & EVSE Australia made history by installing 12 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations across six popular tourist locations in Queensland, creating Australia’s first ever ‘electric vehicle tourist drive’.


01. Project overview

The ‘Tropical North Queensland EV Drive’ is part of the ‘Cairns EV program’, a pilot project developed by Queensland authorities and Intrust Group, a Cairns-based Electrical contracting business. The multi-site charging installation will facilitate the mass adoption of EVs across the 500km tropical coast, ensuring that travelling in the area is hassle-free for electric vehicle drivers.

02. The details

Our partner EVSE, Australia’s leading supplier and installer of EV chargers, installed two 7kW EO Genius smart charging units per location for electric vehicle drivers looking to charge whilst visiting the famous Queensland landmarks.

The EO Genius is an intelligent electric vehicle charger, packed with industry-leading technology that will allow Queensland authorities to manage, monitor and eventually monetise the charging infrastructure. Local authorities simply log-in to the EO Cloud charging portal to remotely operate the chargers and generate energy usage reports, enabling full control of the charge points with a single click.

The charging infrastructure is free-to-use for the 12 first months of the project, allowing drivers to power their vehicle by simply plugging-in. At the end of the trial, EV drivers will access the chargers using the EO App (free to download) - allowing them to start, stop their charge session and carefully monitor the amount they’ve spent.

Comprehensive and connected charging networks like this are needed to help give drivers the confidence to make the switch to a low emissions vehicle, so they know they can get to their destination and back home again with the convenience of being able to charge when travelling.

Brendan Wheeler, Managing Director at EVSE Australia

03. The outcome

This multi-site installation is not only a showcase of our destination charging capabilities but also how tourism can embrace the electric revolution in a transition towards a sustainable future.

In fact, the ‘Tropical North Queensland EV Drive’ was specifically designed to support the infrastructure and emissions targets set by Queensland’s authorities for 2030.