Bon Voy-charge: Your Summer EV Adventure Starts Here

EO Charging

Considering a road trip to France or further afield this summer? Concerned about range and where you’ll charge your EV? Fear not, here are our top tips to ensure you don’t have to pull the plug on your EV adventure.


It’s faster than the ferry and you can top up your EV for free - there are rapid chargers at both the Folkestone and Calais terminals! Be warned though, at the UK terminal you’ll need an RFID card from either the Energize Network or Charge Your Car Ltd (CYC). The chargers in France are programmed to work without cards – just turn up and charge. Just look out for the blue ‘Charge’ flags.


Depending on the EV you drive, you’ll want to plan your next charge in France (and the subsequent charge after that, and after that). We’d recommend you download ChargeMap to plot your route – it outlines all the available charging stations and whether they’re available. Be sure to check that the suitable plug for your EV is working, you have any required adapters and that you have the compatible passes to pay!

Download ChargeMap here.


We can’t predict what the traffic will be like but be sure to factor in charging time to your journey. There are an increasing number of rapid chargers in France but it’s likely you’ll be frequenting quite a few roadside cafes (and McDonald’s) as your EV charges up. If you’re looking for something to kill the time, we’d recommend ‘How I Built This’ – a podcast series about innovators, entrepreneurs, idealists and the stories behind the movements they built. A dose of inspiration whilst the battery is topping up!


If you are driving through a Low Emission Zone in Europe you’ll need to have the right documentation – even if you’re in an EV. You may be required to register or purchase certification for your vehicle – Paris, Grenoble and Lyon require you to display a Crit’Air scheme sticker.

Here’s some more advice from the AA.


The performance of your battery is going to be dramatically impacted by the heat – especially if you’re also running the air con at full blast. If travelling during the summer months we’d recommend you use covered parking as much as possible and find the chargers that have some sort of shade!


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