Our top 3 Cinema with EV charging points

Introducing the coolest independent UK cinemas and their closest charging points. For those who see the bigger picture 

Independent cinemas are on trend. While multiplex chains are all much of a muchness, indie cinemas are unique and quirky, packed full of history. Whether you’re a cinephile or are just looking for a darn good night out, why not catch a motion picture at one of these distinctive, offbeat and downright stylish venues?



First opened in December 1909, the Electric is now the oldest working cinema in the country. Restored to its 1930s Art Deco look in 2004, the cinema is also one of the quirkiest. They don’t sell popcorn as it’s too messy, but do offer sofas, waiter service and an absinthe fountain (for those that aren’t driving!).

/ Closest Charging Point:
Dudley Street Car Park, B5 4PJ
(2 x 7kW Chargers)

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One of the most popular independent cinemas in the UK, the Prince Charles has a great cult following. Quentin Tarantino is a fan. Kevin Smith has a toilet named after him. The only independent left in London’s West End, if you want cult, arthouse, classic films, recent Hollywood releases or a sing-a-long screening of the Sound of Music this is the place for you!

/ Closest Charging Point:
Q-Park Leicester Square, WC2H 7DT
(2 x 7kW Chargers)

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Scotland’s most diverse independent cinema, the Film Theatre has been leading the way in specialised cinema for over 40 years. Formerly the Cosmo, the GFT is a cinema like no other. Home to the Glasgow Film Festival every February, the GFT offers ‘a uniquely warm cinemagoing experience all year round’.

/ Closest Charging Point:
Cambridge Street Car Park, G3 6RU
(8 x 7kW Chargers)

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