Top 3 Electric Cars to drive in the City!

Live in the City and thinking about going electric? We have created a list of our favourite EV's suited to City life...


BMW i3

As a city car the BMW i3 is perfect. It's compact and perfect for slipping into tight parking spaces. The visibility is superb and it's suitably equipped with a very techy interior. The first thing you will notice is the acceleration. It is super-fast off the mark and scooting away from dirty-engined cars at traffic lights is made irresistible. 

EO's Managing Director, John, uses his i3 to drive all over East Anglia.

Price: £27,830 (After plug-in car grant)

Range: 124 Miles

We like to stay pure electric, but for those wanting to occasionally travel long distances, the range-extender is ideal. It has a range of up to 195 Miles in everyday conditions. 

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Nissan Leaf

Released as the '100% Electric Family Car', we would say Nissan have definitely delivered. The Leaf is very relaxing and comfortable to drive. It's handling is impressive and it is relatively spacious. It has been thoroughly praised for its reliability, safety and security.

EO's General Manager, Caroline, uses hers to go to and from work during the week, and horse eventing on the weekend.

24kWh: 70 to 80 miles
30kWh: 100 to 120 miles

24kWh: from £21,680 (After plug-in car grant)
30kWh: from £25,790 (After plug-in car grant)

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Renault Zoe

If you are looking for a nippy little car, the Renault Zoe is the one. The new Dynamique will get you 174 miles from one charge. The Zoe is one of, if not the, most affordable EV's on the market. It's fun to drive and looks quite cool (which is obviously the most important thing!)

EO's Production Director, Stephen, uses his to drive to and from the office; as well as test all the EO chargers that leave our factory.

Expression Nav: 80 Miles
Dynamique Nav: 174 Miles

Expression Nav: from £14,245 (After plug-in car grant)
Dynamique Nav: from £18,170 (After plug-in car grant)

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Thinking of buying an EV? You'll need a charger at home..!

Check out our eOLEV Home Charger
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