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Up to 22kW

Meet the EO Genius 2. The charger that makes switching to electric a business advantage.
How do I claim the OZEV grant?

To claim £350 off the cost of your new home charging point, simply order it with us, provide us with your documentation and our team will do the rest! Please note: existing eligibility criteria for the OZEV Home Charge grant has changed. As of 1st April 2022, the grant is available to flat owner-occupiers and people living in rental accommodation (flats and single-use properties). This change doesn't affect the Workplace Charging Scheme Grant (WCS) and Scottish Energy Saving Trust grant (EST) for Scottish EV drivers.

Can I order an EO charger without installation and use my own electrician to install the charger?

All EO Charging products must be installed by an EO Approved Installer, this is to ensure that the product is installed correctly and that you've got access to a reliable and easy to use charger. Please note that if you do not use an EO Approved Installer then the smart features of your charger will remain locked and the warranty will be invalid. We are also unable to provide support through the installation process for a charger where non-EO Approved Installers are used.

How long is the cable on a tethered unit?

All our tethered chargers come with a 5m long cable as standard as it's a good compromise between ease of use and ease of storage. That said, 7.5m and 10m cable length are available for the tethered EO Genius 2 which can be ordered directly through to our team when booking your installation. Please note that longer cables are not available for the EO Mini Pro 3 as the small size of the unit has been specifically designed to carry the weight of a 5m cable.

What happens if my installation is non-standard?

Non-standard charger installations may incur an additional cost. Once your order is placed, we'll be in touch to better understand your requirements and produce a no-obligation quote for the additional works.

EO Charging Power ratings icon
Power ratings

Single-phase up to 7.2kW (Type 2 & Type 1) or three-phase up to 22kW (Type 2 only)

EO Charging Cable entry icon
Cable entry

Power install options available through the rear of the enclosure or at the base

EO Charging mounting option screw icon
Mounting options

Wall or post mounted, suitable for indoor or outdoor installation (IP66/IP54 rated)

EO Charging Colour icon

Standard model available in black with removable fascia. Coming soon: custom colours

EO Charging RFID Icon

Mini Pro 3 is RFID ready. Simply add as an extra to restrict charging session access to friends or family

EO Charging EO RFID card icon
EO RFID cards

Want to restrict access to your charge points? Speak to our team about EO branded RFID cards and tags

eo charging dc leakage protection icon
DC Leakage Protection

Integral 6mA DC leakage detection, no Type B RCD required

EO Charging ISO15118 icon

Coming soon: ready for vehicle-to-grid (V2G) and plug & charge functionality

Solar charging icon
Solar charging

Connects to your solar panels using our solar matching functionality (optional extra, using an additional CT clamp)

EO Charging Add EO Hub icon
Add EO Hub 2

Add EO Hub 2 to scale your small business charging infrastructure and local smart functionality

EO Charging Cobranding icon

Options available for co-branding, subject to minimum order quantities

Step 1: build your EV charging package.

To get started, we’ve made things easy – all you have to do is build your own EV charging package on our website. Once you’ve selected your charger, power rating and plug type, an estimate quote will be populated.

Step 2: provide your contact details.

From there, all you need to provide is your name and contact details. We'll then send you a unique link to your application form via email and SMS, allowing you to easily pick-up your form where you last left off.

Step 3: complete our online survey.

This won’t take too much of your time - you will need a smartphone or tablet device (with built-in camera) to take photos at certain steps. On average this will take 20 minutes, and we’ve pulled together an example kit designed To make it quicker, simply download our example kit here.

Step 4: approve your quote.

Once you have submitted your application form, an EO Approved Installer in your area will review your details and carry out a remote desktop survey before providing a final quote for you to approve. This shouldn’t take more than 5 working days.

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Your charger.

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