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EO Cloud features


The one-stop-shop for all your EV depot management needs. Control your charging infrastructure remotely via the dashboard from various devices, both globally and locally whilst providing real-time monitoring of charging station network performance. Access automatic hardware fault detection as well as enhanced troubleshooting, all in one spot!


The EO Cloud portal offers built in reporting providing users insights into network performance & usage. Optimises energy usage, and total ownership costs with charging session data and seamless operational system integration. The reports tab of the EO Cloud houses an extensive collection of data including, historic energy consumption, charger status, network uptime, and much more.

Network Configuration

The network configuration pages on the EO Cloud provide an efficient site management tool, and house all your depot charging settings for managing your existing sites as well as adding new ones. Create custom depot layouts, create and apply new charging schedules, and systematically assign RFID profiles with our intuitive software platform.

Automatic Fault Detection

The EO Cloud automatically detects charging station hardware faults and connectivity issues helping to streamline support team responses. The system not only monitors your charging station status for faults, it also automatically alerts the EO support team to address issues promptly and minimise on-site downtime.

Account Management

The EO Cloud portal provides advanced access management via the Account management page, enabling admin users to assign access to profiles allowing you to control information access effectively. You will have the ability to assign user profiles as well as restrict user access based on individual needs, add new users and deactivate existing ones, and last but not least, fine tune the level of access per user.


EO Cloud provides both manual and automatic scheduling for intelligent charging programs that meet your fleet needs, ensuring control over your costs and a fully charged fleet.

Fleet knowledge is fleet power

Simple subscription fee with no minimum term. No need to work harder when you can work smarter.
EO Cloud manage


Manage your charging infrastructure remotely from multiple devices via a data-rich dashboard at both a global and local level to unlock operational savings.

EO Cloud monitor


Monitor the live status of your charging sessions, vehicles and energy usage, and access comprehensive diagnostics to detect any faults on site before drivers attempt to plug-in.

EO Cloud Optimise


Optimise your charging behaviour, energy consumption per vehicle, and total cost of ownership according to charging sessions data and seamless integrations with your operational systems.

The Cloud management tool to drive your fleet into the future

Built with compatibility in mind the EO Cloud can be plugged into new or existing electric fleet depots running on a wide range of AC and DC chargers.

EO Charging Scalable Illustration

The EO Cloud’s architecture allows for an easy way to integrate with different telematics providers on the market, or other proprietary Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

EO Charging Modular illustration, depicting the EO Cloud

Designed to meet the size and budget of any fleet electrification programme, and scale alongside your business as it not only grows but also evolves with charging innovations.

EO Cloud 2 scalable illustration

Tested, integrated and developed as part of Europe's largest electrification program covering 5,700+ charging stations across 120 sites across nine countries.

EO Charging secure illustration, laptop depicting security

Looking for Cloud managed energy management?

The EO hub is the perfect partner to the EO Cloud allowing you to manage your energy distribution and your fleet from one spot.
EO Hub lockup

Designed to manage your electricity supply meaning you’ll never be short of power


Built for growing fleets, the EO hub gives you the control needed to charge at scale


Integrated with your energy supply the EO hub give you the holistic view required to balance your power needs 24/7/365


For detailed specs of the EO Hub please download our data sheet below.

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Load Management

Put simply, EV load management is the ability to control how much energy an EV charger dispenses to a vehicle. Want to find out more or see how it could be implemented on your depot, click the link below.

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