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Commercial Charging Solutions

Within commercial electric charging there are three main categories that can be used to classify the different range of chargers.

Often referred to as DC fast chargers, or DCFC, these stations often cater to return to depot fleets, leveraging dwell time to ensure vehicles charge efficiently and remain operational throughout the day.

Hero Module - DC All-in-one

DC All-in-one


All-in-one chargers provide the convenience of up to 2 connections within a single unit, offering a compact and integrated solution for charging EVs.

Hero Module - DC Distributed

DC Distributed


This distributed charger features up to 24 connections, with DC modules packaged separately from the connectors. Multiple models, including floor, wall, and gantry-mounted options, are offered to suit depot needs.

Enables fleets to dynamically adjust charging based on vehicle needs with load management. These solutions can be easily scaled up to increase capacity or add more charge points.

DC Portable

DC Portable


Portable DC chargers are compact, self-contained units designed for convenience and rapid charging, ideal for workshops and demonstration vehicles.

Opportunity charging, ideal for pantograph chargers and high-capacity systems, allows for seamless charging while operations continue, ensuring efficient top-ups throughout.

Hero Module - Pantograph

DC Pantograph


Pantograph chargers offer an overhead charging system, with options for 'panto down' (arm on gantry) or 'panto up' (arm on vehicle). They're suited for larger vehicles like buses, providing efficient and convenient charging.

What DC charging offers.

Direct Current (DC) charging offers rapid vehicle charging, ranging from 50kW to 1.4MW. It enables convenient fleet support overnight or quick opportunity charging during the day while also facilitating static and dynamic load management.
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Flexible, scalable, & modular

50kW to 1.4GW for future-proofing

20-30 minutes top-up charging

Accessible by RFID or App

CCS1 & CHadeMO Connectors

Integrated on EO Cloud

ABB logo

A global leader in EV charging solutions, features the highest uptime and largest installed base of DC fast chargers. With over 13 years of experience, ABB's reach extends across 85 markets, with over 50,000 DC fast chargers deployed.

DC All-in-one


ABB - DC All-in-one
DC Distributed


ABB - DC Distributed
DC Pantograph


Hero Module - Pantograph
Kempower logo

Kempower designs and manufactures DC fast charging solutions for EVs. Their team of enthusiasts brings a deep understanding of the market and a hands-on approach to product development and production.

DC Distributed Cabinet


Kempower US - Cabinet Charger
DC Distributed Satellite


Kempower - DC Distributed
Power Electronics Logo

With operations in Gilbert, Arizona (and soon in Houston, Texas) Power Electronics offers unique 1440kW distributed charging systems that can simultaneously support up to 24 battery electric buses. Power Electronics offers a wide range of products across all charging applications, with several products featured below.

DC Dispenser


Power Electronics US - DC Distributed
DC Distributed


Power Electronics US - Depot Dispenser
Zerova logo

Established in 2010, Zerova is a division of Phihong Technology. It is a global manufacturer of EV charging equipment. With over 60,000 charging ports worldwide, it serves customers including global automakers and energy companies across Europe, America, and Asia.

DC Portable


Zerova - DC Portable
DC All-in-one


Zerova - DC All-in-one
DC Distributed


Zerova - DC Distributed
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